4 Tips For Building Your Brewery's Email List

With new breweries popping up all over the place, its more important than ever to ensure you are building your email list and staying in constant communication with your consumers.  Here are 4 simple tactics for capturing email addresses from your consumers:

1. Place an information gate on your wifi.

Everyone loves free wifi.  So why not use it to your advantage?  With services like SocialWifi, you can ask consumers to enter their email address or connect with their social accounts in order to login to your wifi.  In addition to capturing your consumer's information, you can access demographic information, serve up discounts or special offers, trigger automated email marketing campaigns, collect customer reviews, and so much more. 

2.  Run social media giveaways.

The brewery tee is the new concert tee.  Run a few simple giveaways online, asking for consumers to submit their email for entry and watch the submissions roll in.  In the startup world, swag is currency.  You'd be amazed what people will do for a free t-shirt.  Just make sure your gear is quality and the offer is enticing.

3. Ask for newsletter opt-ins through your POS.

Are you asking for consumers to opt-in for newsletter or marketing communications through your POS?  Most major POS technologies like Square and Revel have turnkey solutions for asking for email opt-ins at checkout.  Make sure to turn on these services and let the POS systems do the work for you.

4. Use CraftCellr for bottle and can releases.

These days convenience is king and queen.  One-click purchasing on Amazon?  Yes please.  With CraftCellr's mobile platform, you can create an amazing consumer experience for all your beer releases.  Allow consumers to pre-order their beer and pick it up on their own terms.  Once consumers are subscribed to CraftCellr, you can easily download their information into a CSV file and import it into your CRM platform.