The Spirit of CraftCellr

Did you know we help our partners sell more than craft beer?…

Our vision is to support all crafts and artisan flavors. Anything dark, amber, tart, hoppy, or oaky. Served in a pint, neat, or on the rocks.


Sure, we are known for craft beer, but we recently had our first success with Dry County’s first spirits release: Old-Fashioned 70 proof pre-ready cocktail. Dry County is one of the first Georgia Breweries to take advantage of new state laws allowing it to sell both beer and liquor, which is great for all us beer and bourbon lovers. The results of Dry County’s first spirits launch? Sold out online and in the taproom!


Crisp, sweet, and refreshing doesn’t sound like your normal beer. That’s because its beer’s distant cousin: Cider. CraftCellr also partners with cideries, such as Atlanta’s first cidery, Urban Tree. By utilizing our mobile platform, Urban Tree was able to efficiently sell its limited-releases direct to consumer, while giving CraftCellr’s community of beer geeks an introduction to a new craft beverage category.


Why not just cover all the craft beverage bases by working with artisan bottle shops too…. Check. The Maltidudes at Maltitude Bottle Shop in Columbus Georgia drive sales and awareness of exciting new product drops from their distributors via CraftCellr. Maltitude customers can sign up to receive sms notifications about new drops and get first right of refusal to buy beer, wine, and spirits for pick up at the shop.

Basically the story goes: if your product is aged in a barrel, comes from a tree, has bubbles, or is served best with ice, CraftCellr can help you connect with your customers and maximize your direct to consumer revenues.

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